This…. ☝🏻

My life is bloody good. Better than good. My life is awesome.

Ellis is doing so well, he is incredible. He has a check up with his oncologist next week as well as his surgeon. He might finally need his first appointment to ‘grow’ his implant in his leg, which still freaks me out! He is growing so much and is now a size 12 shoe. I mean… stop now. Jeez.

The girls are doing well too. Beth is making me so proud with the things she is having to overcome this school year. Year 11s have had is so tough, but she’s smashing through it and planning where life will take her when she finishes. Covid or no Covid, she will achieve big.

Lily is Lily. She silently gets on without much fuss. She has always been a grade A student and came out of the womb ready for grammar school..! She is extremely academic and loves learning, even smashing records at school with her grades. But due to the year she had with Ellis last year, she failed her Kent test. (The test needed to get into a Grammar school). Not only that, she got offered one of the worst secondary schools in our area.

I can’t help but feel I let her down. Last year, I was so busy with hospitals, appointments, chemo and all things Ellis, that I had nothing left to give to the girls. Lily did no work whatsoever during the first lockdown. And actually, after only 3 months of year 5 before lockdown, she only just narrowly missed out. That’s pretty good going! We had to shield before everyone else locked down, so she had much less time at school than everyone else.

As well as the emotional journey she went on, my clumsy kid cracked her head open the day before the Kent Test and only answered 16 questions on the day due to a headache.

I mean, if that’s not ground for appeal, I don’t know what is.

I will do what I do best and fight for my babies. I am appealing for her to attend Ellis’ grammar school and have a huge pack ready and waiting for the appeal.




Iris is the most hard work lately. She is being assessed for ASD through school and I’m trying to learn how to parent a child on the spectrum. No matter the outcome, she is still just her, but I want to make sure I can do the best I can for her.

I had my Covid jab last week as I am a registered carer for Ellis. I don’t mind jabs and needles, as with my history I don’t have much of a choice, but I was scared. It’s new and controversial, but I knew I wanted it. The jab itself was fine, so fine in fact I had to ask the nurse if she had done it 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 but that night was horrible. I felt rough all the next day too but finally started to feel better that evening. I ran out of paracetamol and could only find calpol…. so thought hey, why not.

Calpol is banging.

It’s the first time I have ever made sure I’ve taken anything on time every 4 hours and didn’t miss a dose 😂 I even contemplated it on Ice Cream…. Kids don’t know they are born I tell ya.

So now we are only 4 days away from the end goal that is 8th March. The date that so many parents have been waiting for but dreading at the same time. It’s been a real mixed bag.

I for one can’t wait for them to go back, Ellis included. They all need routine back and to stop eating all my bloody food.

If I hear the words “I’m hungry” again I’ll personally post my children to Boris to make him deal with them. See ya kids 👋🏻

And my personal life? It’s safe to say that it’s on point. It’s incredible. It’s sickening good. I’m living again, like really living. I’m excited for my plans, for the future. But that’s for another blog 😜

To my fellow parents….

4 days until they are back at school.

39 days until the pubs open.

We’ve got this 💪🏻

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